Songwriters: How to Most Effectively Record your Songs by Gerry Peters (Midi Magic Studio)

The way your songs are presented is vitally important in getting the attention of Publishers, Producers, and Record Companies. They need to be done Professionally and sent with a typed Lyric sheet or you will be not taken seriously.

At Midi Magic Studio, I work with Publishers, Producers, and Record Companies all the time and know the quality that they expect to hear and I make my Songwriter Demos competitive with the very best for about half the cost.

Whether I'm working for a Major company or an unestablished songwriter I use the same standards of Quality to make the songs sound as good as they can be. Even if a song is marginal, I can make it sound about as good as it can possibly sound by taking the time and care to do it right.

If your song is good, it'll sound great when I'm done. Click on this link to hear some song examples and let me take your song to the next level.

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